Single Action Shooting

Expert poll: What’s the best advice you were given as a new shooter?

As a new shooter, it’s common to be bombarded with advice – both useful and not-so-useful – and some of it is even conflicting! It’s hard to know which tips are going to help you improve quickly, and which may even hold you back. So recently I went round the […]

Subconscious shooting: putting your mind to work

World Champion Single Action Shooter, SASS Kicker, talks about her experience of the phenomenon of subconscious shooting. Have you had an experience like this? Let me know in the comments below! This article is reproduced with permission from the February 2016 edition of the Single Action Shooting Society‘s Cowboy Chronicle […]

Which shooting sport for me?

With so many shooting disciplines now available in Australia, when you’re starting out in target shooting, it can be hard to pick which one to try first. While I recommend checking out a few different matches before committing to purchasing a gun (or guns), your interests, abilities and personality type […]