Down the line with Leah Southall (United Kingdom)

Continuing my series of interviews with female target shooters from around the world, I speak with teen clay target shooter Leah Southall, who hails from the West Midlands area of England.

Name: Leah Southall

Location: United Kingdom

Discipline: DTL (Down The Line) which is a trap discipline

Is this discipline popular in the U.K.?

Yes, DTL is very popular and there is a lot of competition in all age groups, both male and female.

What draws you to the sport of target shooting?

I got into shooting by going with my dad and scoring for him whilst he was taking part in sporting. I got into DTL by watching others shooting this discipline. I took a liking to the sport instantly and it all went from there.

Have you travelled to other countries to compete?

Unfortunately no but I hope to in the future.

Do many other competitors travel into Europe to compete?

My recent competition, the Krieghoff DTL, brought many shooters from all over Europe to Wales to compete in the 4 day event.

Do many girls your age compete in target shooting in the UK?

In my discipline, there are 5 girls that I know of in the UK.

What do your friends think about your involvement in this sport?

They think that it is an unusual sport for a girl to compete in.

What is the name of your regular shooting ground?

Mid Wales Shooting Centre which is a 2 hour journey which is well worth the while.

What do you love about the community there?

They are all supportive of me and they are really friendly and great to be around.

What are your aspirations for the future?

My aspirations for the future are to take part in the selection process to hopefully earn a place on the England Ladies DTL Team. I might make the transition to Olympic Trap and I would like to compete for Team GB in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

Leah’s current sponsors are:

Laporte/The Clay Pigeon Company

Ed Lyons Sports Vision Consultant.

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