20 Questions: Catherine Skinner

Want to get to know our Olympic superstar Catherine Skinner a bit better? Our top shooters are so often only asked about their competitive pursuits, so for something completely different, I collared her for a few minutes to find out her likes and dislikes, how she likes to administer her toilet paper and what character she would be on Game of Thrones, for my new series of posts called 20 Questions…..

Catherine Skinner: “They’re not joking when they say things are compact in Japan.”

Dogs or cats


Tea or coffee


Flats or heels


Scrunch or fold

I’m an annoying scrunchy-folder

Best place to people watch


Favourite meal after a big match

BBQ ribs

Fondest childhood memory

Playing with my dogs on the farm

Five people you would most want with you in the zombie apocalypse

My family. We’ve discussed this, we have the plan in place

Favourite sitcom

I don’t like them…

First experience in target shooting

Out at Mansfield Clay Target Club with my dad

Place you most want to visit


Favorite Wiggle


Famous dead person you would have wanted to have dinner with

Mary Kingsley

Favourite quote

More of a concept: Wu Wei, the act of not doing

Best way to spend a rainy day

With friends watching movies, board games and lots of food

Favourite band when you were 12

I’m ashamed of this… Nickleback

Most beautiful place in the world

I’ve been to so many, but right now I’m picturing the River Oyunuma footbath in Japan

Best piece of advice for a new target shooter

Persevere. Much of our sport is making the movements automatic, so you don’t think, just do. That will take time

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Still working out if I want to grow up

You’re living in Game of Thrones world. Which character are you?

I wish i was a Stark, but i’m probably a wildling

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