How to get into… Action Match

If you think Cherie Blake’s face looks familiar, you wouldn’t be alone. The talented Aussie shooter won the Ladies Division of the illustrious Bianchi Cup, held in Columbia, Missouri, this year, and made it onto Shooting Sports USA’s list of Top 50 Women in Competitive Shooting recently. Here she gives […]

Love, love on the range

Seated in camp chairs in a shady patch of bush to escape the oppressive heat of another 34 degree April day in rural Victoria, Michelle and Justin are nonetheless looking happy and relaxed after a long day of target shooting. The pair make for a striking picture; she is dressed […]

Down the line with Leah Southall (United Kingdom)

Continuing my series of interviews with female target shooters from around the world, I speak with teen clay target shooter Leah Southall, who hails from the West Midlands area of England. Name: Leah Southall Location: United Kingdom Discipline: DTL (Down The Line) which is a trap discipline Is this discipline […]

20 Questions: Catherine Skinner

Want to get to know our Olympic superstar Catherine Skinner a bit better? Our top shooters are so often only asked about their competitive pursuits, so for something completely different, I collared her for a few minutes to find out her likes and dislikes, how she likes to administer her […]

Breathe. Shoot. Repeat

By Becca Spinks This article is reproduced with permission from Issue 17 of Sure Shots magazine. © 2016 Sure Shots Magazine. Originally published June 2016, Issue 17. All rights reserved. Breathe. That one word seems so simple and so obvious. Air comes in, CO2 goes out, and we remain upright […]

Women of Calibre: Rachael Ross

Sharp shot Rachael Ross talks to me about growing up Singapore, her aspirations for gold and out-shooting policemen in this edition of Women of Calibre! Which disciplines do you shoot? I shoot the 50m rifle 3 positions event, as well as the 10m Air Rifle event. There’s been some interesting […]

Women of Calibre: Jill Colebourn

For this issue of Women of Calibre, I spoke to ace biathlete Jill Colebourn at the 2016 Australian Biathlon Championships at Mount Hotham. Jill took out the gold in the open sprint race and came second in the individual distance race. How long have you been competing in biathlon? I […]

Women of Calibre: Natalie Smith

Which discipline/s do you shoot (recreationally and professionally)? I shoot the women’s air rifle standing (R2), the mixed air rifle prone (R3), the 0.22 50m mixed prone (R6), and the women’s 0.22 50m three position sport rifle (R8), in competition and I shoot 50m bench rest also recreationally. How long […]

Women of Calibre: Aislin Jones

Aislin Jones has certainly made an impression on the Australian shooting community in the past year. The Victorian teenager has excelled in state, national and international competition in Olympic skeet, and is now headed for the Rio for her first Olympic Games. I chat to her about her journey into […]